Ever Clean Litter Free Paws Cat Litter 10 Litres

  • £17.35

Ever Clean Litter Free Paws Cat Litter is a clumping cat litter that's perfect for long haired cats and kittens. Consisting of larger granules, the Less Trail litter reduces the amount of litter from sticking to kitten's paws or long haired cats, meaning less mess around your home!

Key Benefits

  • Extreme odour elimination with activated carbon
  • Perfect for long haired cats & kittens
  • Eliminates odours by trapping and locking them in, rather than masking them


Fill litter box with 7cm of Ever Clean. An average litter box requires 5L volume. Scoop out clumps of waste, the rest of the litter stays fresh. Dispose of waste with household refuse. Do not flush in the toilet. Simply add more Ever Clean to replace what you scoop out.