Pettex Premium Granules Cat Litter  10kg

Pettex Premium Granules Cat Litter 10kg

  • £9.55

Highly absorbent heavyweight cat litter with natural odour control.

Pettex Premium cat litter is manufactured from pure grey fullers earth, which is mined from sedimentary deposits laid down millions of years ago.

These clay granules are a natural deodoriser and are excellent at stopping smells from spreading. Pettex doesn't use any chemical additives or scents to disguise unpleasant smells because the clay reacts with, and neutralises ammonia.

Each granule is highly absorbent and can hold moisture up to 125% its own weight. They instantly lock liquids away and preventing them from soaking the whole tray. When wet the clay forms solid clumps which can be removed easily with a scoop, leaving only the clean litter in the tray - saving you time on maintenance, and money on fresh litter.