Royal Canin Aroma Exigent Dry Adult Cat Food 2kg

Royal Canin Aroma Exigent Dry Adult Cat Food 2kg

  • £19.29

ROYAL CANIN Aroma Exigent Dry Adult Cat Food is both scrummy and nutritious!

Royal Canin Feline Preference Aroma Exigent for fussy cats from 1-7 years old that are aroma discerning.


  • Aromatic attraction
  • Optimal weight
  • Individual preference
  • Urinary health

  • Some fussy cats are most attracted by a fishbased aromatic profile. AROMA EXIGENT is specifically formulated to stimulate the natural preference of these cats.|Adapted energy content to help maintain the fussy cat at ideal weight.|Each cat has a natural preference when selecting food: aromatic profile, savour diversity or by protein level. Royal Canin has developed 3 different formulas to satisfy even the fussiest cats.|Formulated to help maintain health of an adult cat’s urinary system.

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