Thrive 100% Adult Cat Treats Chicken 25g

Thrive 100% Adult Cat Treats Chicken 25g

  • £3.79

When you look at the ingredients most cat treats are anything but a treat.

Thrive 100% Cat Treats are 100% Pure. Most cat treats are made with cereals and fillers which then have flavours, sugars and fats added to make them palatable to cats, some don't contain any real meat at all.

Our cats love thrive treats beacuse they are really pieces of meat and fish. Thrive treats are not made with any derivatives or other rubbish, nothing sugary or fattening. We love the reaction we get from our cats when we give them thrive treats

  • 100%  freeze dried to lock in all the goodness
  • Nothing added only the water has been gently removed
  • Probably the most famously palatable cat treats on the planet